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How do you become environmentally responsible?

We encounter information about the environment and environmental issues everyday. It can be overwhelming and exciting. There is a lot that we can do as individuals to make our world greener. We can’t do everything, but we can all do something. So, how do you make choices that work for you and the environment?

Get Educated

Environmental Education is all about helping people build the knowledge and skills they need to make environmentally responsible choices by moving from awareness to action. The environment is where we live. Learn more about it.

1. Get started by raising your AWARENESS of the environment you live in and the issues that affect it. This is where the film festival comes in. Find an issue you are interested in by checking out all the amazing films showing this year. Watch a movie and get inspired to learn more.

2. Increase your KNOWLEDGE by learning more about the facts. Check out a website, book, or nature center around town to learn more. You can find all kinds of events, resources, and programs online, and at the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education website.

3. Check your ATTITUDES. Now you know the facts. What do you think? How do you feel about the issue? How does it impact your life? Not everyone has the same resources, beliefs, or values. What kind of action works for you?

4. Master the SKILLS. Take a class, ask an expert, or just practice. Get empowered and learn step by step how to make your life a little more environmentally friendly.

5. Take ACTION. It’s time. You have the knowledge, skills and motivation to make your world a little greener.

Now that you are educated, check out the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education at to find out how you can help educate others.

Inspired by our films? Want to take action? Follow the steps below to make a change in your community


The Story of Stuff

Free Range Studios

Awareness: Have you ever thought about where your stuff came from or where it goes when you throw it out? Find out “The Story of Stuff” and get inspired to make changes in your lifestyle. We presented this film at our festival, but you can still watch it online. (Link

Knowledge: There is a lot to know about the stuff we use everyday and how it effects the world around us. Get empowered by Education. For more information and resources visit the Story of Stuff resource link here. (Link:

Attitude: Now that you know the background behind the issue, what do you do about it? What do you think about the stuff in your life? Consider – You go to your friends house for a barbecue. You notice that they are using paper plates, plastic silverware and not recycling cans and bottles. What would you do?…

-Say nothing and put your cans and bottles in the trash.

-Talk to your friend about the importance of recycling and using reusable plates and silverware.

-Offer to collect the recyclables and take them to the center yourself.

-What are your other options?


How will you change your attitudes?

Skills: Now that you know all about the issue of stuff and have decided to take action, what’s next? Where do you go? How do you take action? Here are a few websites to help you with the skills and know-how you need.

Visit to find businesses locally and cut out the transportation to get your stuff.

What do you do with stuff when you are finished?

For electronic recycling visit Perfection Tool has supported CEFF for several years.

For more information about sustainable living in the Rocky Mountains visit…

Another good source is at Get Outdoors Colorado. Check out their website here.

Action: This is up to you… go do it!

Get Involved

Consider joining the Film Festival planning committee.

We will also be posting information here regarding current events you may be interested in. If you have an environmentally themed event that you would like to post, let us know through our contact page.

Check back for other ways to be inspired by film, empowered by education, and moved to action.

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